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One night you can't sleep and decide to take a sleeping pill.
What happens next is unexpected...


  • Nonsense at Nightfall is a short and absurd adventure game in Game Boy style.
  • Explore and interact with your environment to find clues about where to head next.
  • Originally made for Ludum Dare 35, now reworked and thoroughly polished for all to enjoy!

this game contains fast flashing images.
It may cause discomfort and trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.
Viewer discretion is advised!





  • Arrow keys / WASD / ZQSD: Move
  • H key: Interact / Accept
  • G key: Back / Cancel
  • Enter / F key: Open / Close ingame menu

Xbox Controller

  • Left analog stick / D-pad: Move
  • A button: Interact / Accept
  • B button: Back / Cancel
  • Start button: Open / Close ingame menu


  • Design, narrative, programming, art and audio by Siegfried Croes
  • Powered by UnityAseprite and LSDJ


  • Version 1.4 (2019-04-22) 
    Fixed bugs and crash when trying to finish the game 2 times in a row
    Fixed bugs when quitting to title screen at certain points in the game
  • Version 1.3 (2019-01-20)
    Added Mac OS X version
  • Version 1.2 (2019-01-17)
    Fixed possible crash near the end of the game
  • Version 1.1 (2018-12-21)
    Fixed spelling mistakes
    Increased default screen size

  • Version 1.0 (2018-12-19)
    Initial release


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Super cute, weird and fun!


Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it!


It was.  I found it very enjoyable.  This is a well-developed, professionally-done, small, retro game.  This was very fun to play.  Thanks much to the creator for this.  I'd love to play the other games made by this person.  


Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it. I'll be releasing a new different kind of game very soon ;)


You're welcome.


This game seems promising.  Solid presentation.  I'll check it out.


I loved this game! It was funny and nostalgic with the sound effects and the things that happen made me laugh. Great job!!! I'm excited for the possibility of a sequel!

Thanks a lot! Really happy you enjoyed it :) I'll start/continue working on the sequel soon!


The game runs at like x10 speed for me... It's pretty impossible to navigate the world (even a slight tilt of the joystick / press of the d-pad and the character will be halfway across the screen).

Sorry about that, it's a known issue that the game runs too fast if you have a monitor with a higher refresh rate than 60 but I can't imagine it's 10x unless you're in some way disabling vsync. If it's the case that you have a monitor with more than 60hz and you still want to play the game you can temporarily lower it in your Windows display settings :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Odd... I have two monitors and they're both 60 Hz (well, one is technically 59.946 Hz).
(Also, yeah, it doesn't run at literally x10 speed... but it seems like it's at least x3... it's fast enough that I run past whatever I'm actually trying to get to / interact with no matter how subtle the press/tilt is)

After some searching I think I know what the issue is and didn't even know it was an option and makes it even worse that my game isn't framerate independent... I think in your Graphics Card settings your vsync is turned off (by default it's set so that the application decides but it can be set so it's always off) and yeah then I can imagine my game runs at like 1000fps which is indeed more than 10x the normal 60fps. I'm still planning on making a sequel to this game and maybe with that I'll also update this game to fix this though it'll be quite a bit of work. I'll make sure to not make the same mistake with the sequel.


Oh wow! I love this game. The graphics are so cool. I agree with the last comment that at a couple points it was necessary to search every room investigating everything... but I honestly I don't even know how developers come up with these puzzles so kudos to you. Very creative.

Also, I didn't know what to expect in length because some games on Itch are SO short. I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't over in 15 minutes. It probably took me 30-40 mins, which is a good length for a game where you can't save. 

Reading below, I am shocked that English is not your native language. The dialogue is so natural and funny. When I have to use my second language at work I spend ages checking what I write, so I know how painful it can be when you don't want to make any mistakes.

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! Yeah some of the puzzles were a bit confusing. I came up with them very randomly :P

Glad you liked the length of the game, it is indeed somewhere between 30-45 to complete which I think is a good length for 1 sitting :)

It really means a lot you like the dialogues! I spend a lot of time on those and I'm glad it shows, also that you find them funny, it great to know that others share my sense of humor :D

Thanks again and look forward to the sequel somewhere in the future ;)


Thank you for making this Game! very funny and enjoyable, also quite interesting, psychologically, i think. The searching for the phono number and dialing it felt al little bit repetitive, though, because its the same principle almost as the chore before. And i had to leave the game to write it down, because i didnt want to memorize it. Also, searching every object in the game for the code...i mean, there could have been a clue or something, where it would have been reasonable to find.


Thanks for playing and the feedback! For the sequel I'll definitely make sure you won't have to remember stuff again (the easiest way is to just make a photo of with your phone assuming you have one) ;) There was a hint, the painting where the control panel is hidden behind is of a man browsing a bookshelf though I understand it's not a great hint because you get it before actually knowing you need it... I might still update the game to improve a few things :)


A quite nice bite-sized adventure game, and I must say, one of the few cases in which that ending actually makes any sense. :-)

Thanks a lot! Glad you didn't mind the short playtime and cliché ending :)


Like your description this is a short and absurd adventure game but the ridiculousness of the game make me laugh over and over XD. I really enjoyed the music, U MUST UPLOAD IT ON SPOTIFY !! 

This game is MASTERPIECE, can't wait for your next game haha :D

Thank you very much for playing, making the video and leaving this nice feedback! I might upload the music at some point though it'd be easier to do so on YouTube then :)

I'll do my very best to make the sequel even better :D


I found this game because it was included in the 'racial justice and equality' bundle and I just wanted to say that it was very fun and super cute tbh; but with the game being as short as it is, it does leave me wanting to play more! So I think a sequel would be awesome if you do end up producing one in the future! The puzzles were fun to navigate and I really enjoyed the music! :) 

Anyways to end my little rant... this was a short but super creative game that was a fun way to spend about an hour of my time on, and I enjoyed every second! I'll definitely be recommending this to my friends! Thanks for the game! :D


Thank you very much for playing and leaving this nice comment! A sequel is in the works so you can definitely look forward to that ;)


-Made a Video. (Old Video)

Thanks for playing and making the video!


Cute game it was very easy to navigate and would be a great from someone getting into puzzle games. I really liked how self aware it was. I think the ending was a bit hmmm unless there's another ending as well that I missed? It's cute but kind of wish there was a little more to it. Still really good for a short game.


Thanks a lot for playing and the positive feedback! I know the ending isn't the best (there's only one). The game is a reworked version of one I made in less than 72 hours for a game jam. I did change the end compared to that version but I just wanted to keep it the same length as I already had ideas for a sequel and just wanted to have a polished version of the first game out so I can refer to it in the new game :)


It's a really nice game for only having 72 hours it feels like something with a lot more polish so kudos! I look forward to the squeakel.




Oh yeah this version took way longer than that! In case you're curious what the original was like: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=88589


Hello, I just finished playing it! I loved it! It was funny and cute! Would recommend to my friends. Thank you for this :D

Thank you very much for playing and for recommending it to your friends! :D


Great game! Clever, fair puzzles, funny dialogue, and honestly it's length is a strength as well! Short and sweet.


Thanks a lot! Really glad you found it funny and I totally agree, I also really like short games you can complete in one sitting :)


the perfect game for me--short with cool puzzles, cute character designs, and great dialogue! took me about 40 minutes and i loved every second of it!!

Thank you so much for the kind feedback! I'm really glad you liked the dialogue, English isn't my native language so it took me quite some time to write all of it. Thanks again for playing! :D


It's really fun and I liked the subconsciousness of the game! It's like players are also in the dream lol

pixel art sprites are so beautiful and adorable XD especially the mouse was so cute!!                        it was very enjoyable! thanks!

Thanks for playing! Haha yeah I love breaking the 4th wall ;)

Really happy you liked the pixel art too! You can look forward to a sequel somewhere in the future ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

i loved the game so much!!! weird and funny, my favourite type of games xD

btw, the puzzles are harder than i thought!!! I spent more than 30 minutes trying to know the code D:


So happy to hear you liked it so much! Oh yeah that is definitely the most confusing puzzle of them all, glad you managed to solve it though :)


Adorably weird and fun game! Love it!

Thanks for playing! :D


Thanks. Now I will never eat a pizza again for fear that I'll turn into a video game grandpa and my room will glitch out around me.

And thanks for supporting the bundle.

Haha, even worse, that pizza will change into you and you don't exist anymore :O

Of course :D


this was such a cute game! it took a while of me prodding around to get through some of the puzzles but it was a short and sweet game! really enjoyable!!

Thank you very much for playing! Some of the puzzles are a bit confusing but I'm glad you didn't give up :)


Ah, this was fun! Got it in the bundle. Particularly made me giggle because a) I have a cat, b) Who is often nicknamed Nonsense :D

I may always wonder what was in the boxes...


Thanks a lot for playing! The bundle has sooo many games so I'm really happy you decided to try Nonsense at Nightfall :) I really love cats myself (my next game is a platformer called Cats and Coins ;) ), That's quite a fun nickname :P

Haha, I'm planning on making a sequel where you will have an inventory so who knows there might be something somewhere in a box you can take with you :P


Thank you for this game, it was entertaining! :) Nice and short, with a bit of puzzle, lots of funny interactions & throwbacks to other games, and never knowing where the story might turn.

Thank you very much for playing! Glad you enjoyed everything :D


Really fun game! The jokes were great


Thanks a lot! Glad you like my sense of humor :P


I really enjoyed your game.  I'm looking forward to your next one.


Thank you very much for playing and I hope you'll like my next games too!


haha this is called a real game with story so exciting and it was all time interesting that I played in on go took me one hour but I completed I loved it I enjoyed it great work

Thank you very much for playing and making the video! Really happy to hear you enjoyed it so much :)

I loved it! Keep up whit the amazing work! :)

Thank you very much! :D


Really cute and fun game, I love the GB style, brings back a lot of nice memories!

I will look forward for your next games! :)


Thanks you very much for playing and glad you liked the Game Boy style! A new game is coming (hopefully) later this month :)


This is one of the most quirky and charming puzzle games I've played in a while. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see what you make next :)


Thank you very much for playing and leaving this nice feedback! I'm currently working on a little platform game with built-in level editor but after that I'll be working on a sequel to this game!


I got this in the bundle, it was a lot of fun to play! Really simple but fun. There were a few moments that made me laugh as well so that's a plus. It definitely took a turn I wasn't expecting, love the style. I am so glad you included pallete and screen size options, I cannot stress enough how many times i've needed these. Excited for the sequel!


Thank you very much for getting the bundle and playing my game! The bundle has so many good games and I can imagine it's hard to decide which ones to try first so I'm really happy you decided to play mine and that you enjoyed it :) Also glad my absurd humor made you laugh :P And oh yeah, it's always good to give players settings like that even in simple games :) Can't wait to continue development on the sequel!


It's a cute lil romp of a game! the space room and UFO was my favorite bit, the gameboy style is great but dang something with that aesthetic would be rad!

Thanks a lot for playing and glad you liked that part! Don't exactly understand what you're saying in that last sentence... Which aesthetic?


Very lovely game!  I have a soft spot for games like this!  Please create more if you can! 


Thanks you very much! Still planning on making a sequel which will be the same genre (absurd adventure) but a lot longer and in color :D


This was a well thought out puzzle adventure. I really enjoyed the aesthetic and the subtle humor.


Thanks a lot! Still planning to make a sequel at some point :)


I love how this game is going through the fourth wall like "Some...BODY ONCE TOLD ME"

No, seriously, that was fun. If it's going to be a sequel, I'm totally playing it

Haha, I love breaking the fourth wall breaking :P

Thanks a lot for playing! I started working on a sequel a while ago but haven't made much progress as I've been focusing on other projects. One day there will be one though ;)


What a clever game. I really enjoyed this a lot. It had a very luigi's mansion kind of vibe. Thankyou for making this available to play!


Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed playing it.


It's cool



It's a really weird, fun and cool game. I liked the whole concept and the GBA style. This is one of the best pixeleted games I've played so far! Nice Job! I'm looking for another part or sequel of it. BTW, I'd love a horror game of this style so if you make one then I'd be glad to play it.

Thanks a lot! A sequel is planned ;) I'm not really into horror myself so you'll have to look elsewhere for horror in this style.


Actually I'm really afraid of horror stuffs too but I think that a horror game in this style will not be that much scary. BTW, you can make a horror game which isn't really related to ghosts but is related to normal stuffs, misunderstandings, hallucination and dreams. Although these are just my ideas I think that you may come up with much more interesting concepts. 


I like ghost, hallucinations and dream stuff but more in the weird and absurd way (I don't feel like making it scary), that's kind of what this game is :)


Yeah sure, I was literally afraid at first while playing this game thinking that something might jumpscare me but everything was fine. Btw, when is your next game coming? May we get a sneak peek or something? And I have one humble request to you that is, can you try to make the movement speed faster or somewhat optimised? It was the only thing that was bothering me the whole time. How about making it 2× faster like the emulators found on stores? I would really appreciate that. But anyway, all the best for your next game!


Haha, someone else that made a video also announced it as a horror game but it really isn't. I haven't worked that much on the sequel yet but I did already post about it on social media (see links to all of them on my profile page here). It doesn't really make sense to me that you want the player character to walk even faster... Especially not 2x, the player already walks faster than in most games (unless for some reason the game was running slow for you but I doubt it).


Here is my playthrough of your game with a review at 21:55.
I ran into a bug where my framerate was uncapped. I play the game anyways, but does anyone know what happened there?

gtx 1070 ti

Thanks again for playing! As I also replied on Game Jolt, the framerate bug is because the game expects a maximum refresh rate of 60. I forgot some people have displays with twice as much or even more! My next game won't have that problem :)


Just finished the game, I loved it !
I like how robust it looks, the palette, the effects and the controller are really nice.
I would like to ask, I know the game was made in Unity but did you use a framework that helped to get this 2d world pokemon feel or did you build it completely from scratch ? If you used a framework I would be glad to hear the name. I am developer but not in the game industry, however I have an educational personal project I would like to develop and it'd be nice to use this environment as a base assets.
Really looking forward for an answer from you. Regards

Thank you very much for playing and the kind words!

I built and made everything from scratch! I'm mainly an artist so even though it's definitely inspired by Pokémon and Zelda on Game Boy, it's all original art. I've also been programming for 10 years now and I always prefer writing stuff myself as a challenge and to keep everything clean and in control. So I can't really help you with that, I also can't recommend any frameworks that might exist as I've never tried or looked for any...

I wish you all the best with your project though :)


Thanks for taking the time to reply as well !
It's ok and I understand the need of building things from scratch especially for an artist because that is how freedom gives the end product a unique personality.

My Education project is similar to a kanji quest or let's put it this way, you have to walk in a world and find chinese characters or kanji. This really doesn't need a lot of storyline as the main idea is to randomize the objectives. The reason why I wish I could create a game game boy style is because : it's cute, minimalistic, still fun and I guess fast to build when you have the right sprites.

Such a game would be perfect for people learning Japanese or Chinese because they could have the sense of playing a game while having a good environment that helps them to memorize characters more easily. Also there is a collecting-object-oriented excitement to this idea, collecting objects is cool let's be honest.

I am a web developer and over the 5 past years I built a personal database of +3000 Chinese/Japanese characters with few metadatas and translation associated with each of them. That's education first but now that I have valuable data I thought that'd be nice to cast it into a more interactive environment such as games.

I know you most certainly have your mind on other things right now but IF you ever find this idea interesting I'd be glad to provide public this data upon a collaborative agreement. Education + game, that is a good recipe :)

Have a good day

Sounds like a good idea for an educational game! I just started working on the sequel to this game though so no time at all for any other project.

Wish you the best of luck with it!


It's reminiscent of the Molly episode from What Remains of Edith Finch

Only know that game by name, never played it...


Enjoyed the concept. The silly and unexpected keeps you on your toes. Pin code puzzle was a bit challenging, but not impossible. 

Having H as the Interact key was a little unintuitive.

Story line is definitely one of the biggest strengths of these pixel art games and should be enhanced wherever possible!

I enjoyed the game overall. Keep up the good work. I look forward to playing your other games. 

Thanks a lot for playing!

The pin code puzzle was definitely the most confusing and I'll make sure all puzzles will be clearer in the sequel ;)

Yeah, I just decided on H as it works well when you use either the arrow keys or WASD for walking.

For the sequel I'll make sure the story is even better and makes a bit more sense :P

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