Thank you all (postmortem)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to make this devlog to thank all of you who played the game so far, especially those that took the time to comment, rate, add the game to their collection, made a video of it and/or donated! This is my first properly finished game so I'm incredibly happy with the response!

Because it's my first game here I really can't tell how well the game has done but I'd still like to share the results of the first month here:

  • 3400+ downloads
  • An average score of 4.8 from 64 ratings
  • Added to 540 collections
  • 30 donations

A HUGE thank you goes to those that donated, especially those that I haven't been able to thank personally as I don't know who they are.

I also really appreciate all the people that made a video of them playing the game! I made a playlist of all of the ones I could find:

Nonsense at Nightfall Playthroughs on YouTube

(Play the game yourself first if you don't want spoilers)


One aspect of the game that I got some criticism on were the controls and why H is the interact key. I imagined the game being like a real Game Boy game so I wanted to have an A (interact, accept,...) and B (back, cancel,...) and Start (open ingame menu) button. I also decided I wanted the game to be playable with both the arrow keys and WASD/QZSD. With that in mind I decided on having H and G being your A and B button and Enter/F being the Start button as to me these keys are easily accessible in both cases.

I can totally understand those choices were a bit unusual to some and so I'd like to ask which 2 keys would be better or more common to use here (tell me in the comments).

Watching the videos of how people play also really helped with understanding what worked and which parts were confusing or needed a clue. I will definitely take what I learned here to make a possible "sequel" better!


All in all I'm happy with how the game turned out and glad the majority of you agrees!

Thanks again, all of you!

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Great job. Very inspirational and one that has helped me immensely in my own research and work as I gear up for my first game. Well done!

Thanks a lot! Definitely curious to know what you're working on now :D


I’m in the middle of developing a new RPG that’s a dark examination of racism in America, the corrupt manipulation of others by the entitled and the battle for one’s sanity in a world full of greed and avarice. So, a comedy basically. 😀

Haha, will it really be a comical game or will it be serious?


Hey there, mate!

I loved the game so much I decided to write a review on it on my blog, so you can hope for more attention fo your work! It will be going live at 12:00 AEST, like ~15 minutes from this comment. Thank you for your amazing work

Spoiler Review - Nonsense at Nightfall

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this review! I'm very happy with the score you gave the game :)

I'm especially happy that you liked the graphics and even the music (it's the first time I did a soundtrack for a game). Writing is something I'm still learning and trying to get better at as English is not my native language so it can be a challenge at times. I mostly agree with your criticism, the ending wasn't the best though I already have a lot of ideas for a "sequel" that might reference to what happened in this game ;) I didn't want to make this first game unnecessarily long, I wanted to keep it as close to the original in terms of story and length.

One thing that I found weird in your review is how you say it's like a Game Boy game, which is correct but you also mention how it's like a Nintendo 64 and NES game in other places which is less fitting I think.

Anyway, thanks again and have a great day!


I can't select anything on the menu scene! seems like just arrow keys and wsad keys are working

Did you read the controls on the game's main page? 😅


I just checked it out and re-downloaded and played the game! Thanks! I really enjoyed the gameplay :)

Thanks a lot! Glad you did and enjoyed it! 


Key bindings...

Set 1: WSAD + L Shift/R Shift /Q (Back/Cancel) + E/Space (accept) + Enter (Menu)
Set 2: Arrow keys + Z (Back/Cancel) + X (accept) + L Shift/R Shift/C/Enter (Menu)

This wouldn't work as I want to have one control scheme that work for all (I don't want people to have to go into the options menu to pick between 2). Your idea is also not compatible with people that want to use WASD on an AZERTY keyboard (ZQSD). Space could possible be used as the A button, I'm just not sure what the B button should be then... Maybe Ctrl or Alt?

Why not just allow custom key binding? Surely this would benefit all, especially those with special needs.