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Just finished the game, I loved it !
I like how robust it looks, the palette, the effects and the controller are really nice.
I would like to ask, I know the game was made in Unity but did you use a framework that helped to get this 2d world pokemon feel or did you build it completely from scratch ? If you used a framework I would be glad to hear the name. I am developer but not in the game industry, however I have an educational personal project I would like to develop and it'd be nice to use this environment as a base assets.
Really looking forward for an answer from you. Regards

Thank you very much for playing and the kind words!

I built and made everything from scratch! I'm mainly an artist so even though it's definitely inspired by Pokémon and Zelda on Game Boy, it's all original art. I've also been programming for 10 years now and I always prefer writing stuff myself as a challenge and to keep everything clean and in control. So I can't really help you with that, I also can't recommend any frameworks that might exist as I've never tried or looked for any...

I wish you all the best with your project though :)


Thanks for taking the time to reply as well !
It's ok and I understand the need of building things from scratch especially for an artist because that is how freedom gives the end product a unique personality.

My Education project is similar to a kanji quest or let's put it this way, you have to walk in a world and find chinese characters or kanji. This really doesn't need a lot of storyline as the main idea is to randomize the objectives. The reason why I wish I could create a game game boy style is because : it's cute, minimalistic, still fun and I guess fast to build when you have the right sprites.

Such a game would be perfect for people learning Japanese or Chinese because they could have the sense of playing a game while having a good environment that helps them to memorize characters more easily. Also there is a collecting-object-oriented excitement to this idea, collecting objects is cool let's be honest.

I am a web developer and over the 5 past years I built a personal database of +3000 Chinese/Japanese characters with few metadatas and translation associated with each of them. That's education first but now that I have valuable data I thought that'd be nice to cast it into a more interactive environment such as games.

I know you most certainly have your mind on other things right now but IF you ever find this idea interesting I'd be glad to provide public this data upon a collaborative agreement. Education + game, that is a good recipe :)

Have a good day

Sounds like a good idea for an educational game! I just started working on the sequel to this game though so no time at all for any other project.

Wish you the best of luck with it!


It's reminiscent of the Molly episode from What Remains of Edith Finch

Only know that game by name, never played it...


Enjoyed the concept. The silly and unexpected keeps you on your toes. Pin code puzzle was a bit challenging, but not impossible. 

Having H as the Interact key was a little unintuitive.

Story line is definitely one of the biggest strengths of these pixel art games and should be enhanced wherever possible!

I enjoyed the game overall. Keep up the good work. I look forward to playing your other games. 

Thanks a lot for playing!

The pin code puzzle was definitely the most confusing and I'll make sure all puzzles will be clearer in the sequel ;)

Yeah, I just decided on H as it works well when you use either the arrow keys or WASD for walking.

For the sequel I'll make sure the story is even better and makes a bit more sense :P

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Hey, I just made a french playthrough of this game. It's overall pretty cute and the references/jokes are super clever! Thank you for watching!

Thanks again for playing and making the video!


Really cool game! Liked it so much!

Thank you very much!


I loved it! I wish it were longer.  I played it and put it up here on YouTube. I hope you make a sequel or a similar game!

Thank you very much for playing and making a video! I'll watch it when I find the time :D I definitely will ;)


Enjyed this one. Great stuff!. :)

Thanks again for playing and the review!


Are you planning to release the tileset?

No, the game is free but not open "source", I hope you understand :)


This is an incredibly fun little game! It really captures the quality of the adventure puzzle games I would play as a kid, and it was fun to revisit that type of world while still having something original. Great work!


Thank you very much for playing and the nice comment! I was inspired by all the games I used to play as a kid myself and I'm glad it made you think of the ones you played back in the day too :)


Good start to my saturday, it was nice to play and reminded me of old school game boy games 10/10 

Thanks a lot! It's definitely in the style of those games :D


I loved it! It was cute and funny and great for a quick playthrough for something to do. I loved that the note on the elevator changed, that actually made me laugh. And the animation of the character was really good too, I found myself walking back and forth just to watch myself move sometimes :P 

I would love to see a sequel to this with maybe a larger concept but the same humor and art style!

Thank you very much for the nice comment!

I'll definitely make a sequel in the future which will be bigger and better in every way :D


It's a nice game, but it's too short


Thanks! I'll make sure the sequel is longer ;)


Wow! I really enjoyed the game, it was random, weird and fun. I loved the style and different color schemes. Can't wait for more! :)

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed the randomness :P Can't wait to work on a sequel!


that was some really good game :-D

Looking forward to a sequel! :-)

Thank you very much! I'm sure I'll make one some day :)


this was fun! i had a nice time. i like the minimalistic style, it reminds me a lot of the first pokemon games :) not all games have to have some big picture. great job. i'm wondering if there are any secrets i missed out on?


Thank you very much for the nice comment!

It's definitely inspired by the first Pokémon games on Game Boy ;) I totally agree!

Not really secrets but there are a lot of references/Easter eggs in the game. There's a list of them in the devlog section :)



Thanks a lot for playing and making the video!


I love this game for how silly and random it was, one second you're a cat, another you're a mouse, then you're a piece of CHEESE???


Thanks a lot for playing! I'm really happy you enjoyed the randomness :D


Oh I always get sucked in by things with old school graphics! It felt a bit Harvest Moon-y at first, to the point I was half-expecting to be in the countryside when I first left my apartment!

But what a delight this game was, it's quirky, weird, odd and hilariously fun! The puzzle-solving aspects were nice and varied (from maze running to simply paying attention to visual clues!) and the whole nonsensical journey wraps up as expectedly as expected! Apparently expectedly isn't a word, but to hell with it, it is now!

Loved everything about this, a true one-off wonder! Keep up the awesome work =)


I definitely loved Harvest Moon back in the day together with Pokémon and Zelda, it's inspired by all of them in some way :)
I'm really glad you enjoyed the nonsense and my sense of humor :D

Thanks again for playing and making the video! I'll sure make a "sequel" at some point ;)


This was such a nice game! It was a very fun experience! It was frustrating at times, but that's what drew me in. It was funny, cheesy (no pun intended), and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you very much for playing and the nice words! :D


Very beautiful game. It was fun playing this. 
Loved the art style, animations, story, sounds and music.
Rated 5 stars! Well done Siegfried!


Thank you so much for the nice feedback! It really means a lot :D


I absolutely loved this game! It's my type of game and it's really hard to find games like these. Keep up the really good work, man! Can't wait to see other games you make in the future!! :)


Thank you so much! Pixel art and retro is definitely my style so all my future games will be like this ;)


Dude, awesome! The fact of being able to interact with everything was very cool.


 What happens if I change my PC's date in that scene?

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it :)

Absolutely nothing... :X


Thank you. I think the game is cute and lovely. I don't think being short is a problem but I do feel frustrating about a few nonsense puzzles.(But as the title, maybe nonsense is your design purpose)

Good work and plz make more games^_^

Thanks a lot! Yeah, some of the puzzles could use better hints.  Especially the search for the pin code. Which others did you have trouble with?

I sure will! :D


Yeah, that one was tough, And finding the machine behind the drawing make me feel unfair too. Maybe other puzzles do have the same problem at some level, but they are fun or make me get the humor some way. I think make it easier and more interesting would be the point.

BTW, I think it can have fans on steam as free game, or even with a price(maybe around 1$). The game provided me a pretty interesting 30-min experience at least, some will love to pay for that I think^_^

I thought that one was really obvious with there only be one place with a painting and fridge right next to eachother... I'm glad you did like the other ones :)

The game is actually "pay what you want" on here and amazingly some people were really generous! I might put it on Steam together with a sequel when that happens ;)


Thanks it was fun, i found the game on instagram :) 

A little note : When you don't know the controls at first launch, you try SPACE bar or ENTER key to start the game but it doesn't work. I had to check on this page which key to hit.

also i donated, you should put this game on steam for like a little less than $1 imo :)


Thank you so much for playing and donating!!!

Yeah, the controls aren't the best, I'll make sure to include an ingame screen in my next games that show the controls the first time you play.

What's your username on Instagram? 


my username is "wwhatevv". Congratz again on this very cool game !

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Just played your game and here is my verdict (drumroll) 100000/10! cant express enough happiness paying! 

Music: Awesome

Looks amazing!

And I always chuckled to myself when a video game reference was made!


But, sadly, now your OBLIGATED to make another game in the same format with the Magikey. The people demand it!

Haha thank you so much! I'm so happy you love all of it :D

I don't see that as a sad thing, I'll gladly make a sequel and the Magickey will definitely return ;)


Thats good... goooooooood  >:3


This Game was so Much fun to play. I loved the Pixel art style that is in the game. it also has the funny humour that can give a little bit of a laugh. I would love to play more of the games that you make in the Future.

Thanks again for playing! Really happy you loved the pixel art and found it funny :)
I'll sure be making more in the future!


Thank you so much for making this game, it's the small games like these that make me enjoy recording so much. It's one thing to play something you know will be well thought out and it's another things to look down into the smaller games that don't get enough spotlight. It wasn't to short it was a fun experience. (I think I got the majority of refrences by the way.)
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Thanks again! I wrote a comment on the video itself :)
Cute video thumbnail too, btw :D


I really enjoyed this game! Are you gotta make a part 2?


Thank you very much! I have a lot of ideas for a "sequel" so I'm sure it'll be made eventually ;)


It was really fun, I am hardcore fan of point&click games especially retro style ones. I loved everything about this game, from the references to the absurdity of it. Thank you for this little masterpiece !

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! I also loved point & click games back in the day and still do :D 


This was deliciously strange in all the right ways. Lots of fun!

Thanks again for playing! So happy you enjoyed it :)


A very interesting game. It's weird in a good way. I recomand it! 


Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked the weirdness :D

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Quite charming! I loved the graphics and the music. I particularly liked how new art assets kept showing up through the course of the game (and the animation was great too). It kept me going til the end, and I really liked the length! While it doesn't do a lot *new*, it certainly didn't waste my time, and I appreciate that. Kudos and I look forward to your next project! 


Thank you very much for the nice feedback! Really happy you like the visuals, audio, animations and game length :) I definitely agree the gameplay mechanics are really simple but glad that didn't make it less enjoyable.

Thanks again! I can't wait to make something new :D


It's a rather cute game. I want to keep trying it, but my computer keeps shifting control from its window to something else.  It's driving me crazy. I have two monitors in extended desktop mode. Maybe that's why. 
Kudos for making this game 32 bit compatible!  I've tried other games on and some are only in 64 bit mode, but they don't always say so. I'd be more inclined to buy games on here if I could tell which ones were available in 32 bit better. If you make a game that requires a cost, please indicate in the description if it comes in 32 bit. doesn't seem to care if 32 bit OS users can figure it out or not, so it's apparently up to the individual developers to help us out. 


That's really strange... Do you have this problem with any other Unity games?

Oh yeah the default setting in the build options of Unity is x86_64 but I felt like not everyone has 64 bit yet so I changed it :) I'll be sure to build for 32-bit as long as Unity allows it!

I've not had that problem with other Unity games, but then I haven't played a ton of them on my PC.  I sure appreciate you making 32 gb builds.  I'll probably have 64 bit OS eventually, but I'm holding out as long as I can. 



I had so much fun playing this game. For anyone who grew up with a Gameboy in the 90's this game is a trip down memory lane. I love all the little references to classics of the past hidden through the story. I also love the funky retro beat. All around I loved playing this game and would welcome a follow up or more similarly retro games. Well done to the developer.  If you want to see first hand what my experience was like you can check out my letsplay. 

Thanks again for playing! Left a comment on YouTube :)

Really happy you liked the music, it was the first time I did the soundtrack for a game. Pixel art and retro style are definitely my thing so most if not all future games will similarly styled :)

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it's an AWESOME game. i found three easter eggs, looking forward for a sequel or something \ (-◡•) /


Thanks a lot! There are definitely quite some references and Easter eggs in there ;) 


I'dont undestand the control


They are explained on this page ;)


Played this game had an absolute blast! Love the art style was my favorite part. Very reminiscent of old school pokemon. keep up the good work!

Thanks again for playing! Left a reply on YouTube too :)

I grew up with the first generation of Pokémon and Zelda Link's Awakening so those sure were big inspirations for the graphics!


Very satisfying experience!!! I wasn't expecting so much detail from it and I especially love the pace of the game where you can constantly feel progression. I love the concept but I feel there's so much potential based on the background of the game, and maybe by adding  QTE, combat or other elements could spice things up a bit.  

I really look forward to the sequal!

Have'nt played a game like this since Pom Gets Wifi :)

Thank you very much for the nice words!

I'm not sure myself about things like QTE or combat in this type of game, it's more like a point & click adventure game that were popular back in the day. I'll sure make other type of games in the future that do include combat and other things ;)

Never heard of that game before but I'll check it out :)


It was a very good game

Thanks a lot!


This was a really entertaining little game. I just smiled when I jumped on the cheese like, oh wow I'm about to be-... yep. cheese. And who ate all the food?? The old man and you are the only ones on the floor hahaha.

Haha, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks a lot :)

Maybe the evil management ate all the food :o

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