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is it possible to post levels or anything? like, in a mario maker-esque way? even if not, it's still a great game.

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There's no way to upload them online from within the game but you can always export them on the screen after selecting it in the "edit existing list" and sharing the file on my Discord server :)

Thanks a lot btw!


I love cats and thouse graphics are pretty cool good luck


Thank you very much for the nice comment :)


Cool game! The style is very pleasing. Will there be more levels?

Thanks! I'll try and make some more, maybe on stream :) Hopefully some other people will make levels too!


That was really cute!

Thanks a lot!


Very Fun and Surprisingly Challenging!

Thanks for playing!


Really cute stuff! Super enjoyable :)

Thank you very much for playing and the nice feedback :D


incredible work!!!

Thank you very much!