A retro-styled platform game with non-linear levels in which you have to collect all coins to unlock the exit.

Play the built-in levels and make your own!

Browser support: Chrome, Firefox and Edge.




The game can be played with either a keyboard or Xbox controller (other controllers will work but mapping might be off).



  • ↑←↓→, WASD or ZQSD: Change selection
  • C or J: Accept/continue
  • X or K: Cancel/back


  • D-pad or left analog: Change selection
  • A: Accept/continue
  • B or X: Cancel/back

Play Mode


  • ← and →, A and D or Q and D: Move player
  • ↓ or S: Crouch
  • C or J: Jump (also against walls when wearing the boots and down platforms when crouching)
  • X or K: Shoot (when wearing the collar)
  • Enter: Show/hide pause menu
  • Space: Show all collected coins


  • Left and right on d-pad or left analog: Move player
  • Down on d-pad or left analog: Crouch
  • A: Jump (also against walls when wearing the boots and down platforms when crouching)
  • B or X: Shoot (when wearing the collar)
  • Start/Menu: Show/hide pause menu
  • Back/View: Show all collected coins

Edit Mode


  • ↑←↓→, WASD or ZQSD: Move cursor
  • C or J: Place tile/object
  • X or K: Remove tile/object
  • Enter: Show/hide pause menu
  • Space: Show/hide tool selection screen


  • D-pad or left analog: Move cursor
  • A: Place tile/object
  • B or X: Remove tile/object
  • Start/Menu: Show/hide pause menu
  • Back/View: Show/hide tool selection screen


Design, programming, art and audio by Siegfried Croes (based on and inspired by existing games and music)

Powered by a custom-made JavaScript engine, Aseprite and LSDj

Big thanks to my supporters on Patreon for making this game possible:

  • CasualFur
  • Domi
  • Elmar van Rijnswou
  • Esotericsean
  • Guillaume Philibert
  • Joy Van Acker
  • Karl Leenknegt
  • LargoSama
  • Mauth
  • Pande
  • Shiloh Berscheid


Let me know what you think about the game in the comment section below or join my Discord server to talk about the game and share your levels!

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorSiegfried Croes
Tags2D, Cats, Controller, Cute, Pixel Art, Retro, Speedrun
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)

Development log


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Why did you cancel the gamebuino version?

I realized that there were just not that many Gamebuino owners, so I felt like I was making a game nobody would be able to play. That's why I made it a web game instead, something EVERYONE can play :)


Sieg you are amazing at making games this is great. 

reasons why its great

1. cute graphics 

2.good levels

3. because you made it was made in the first place. without you this game would never exist

Thank you very much! Really appreciate the kind words :)

how do i change the block type in the editor

I assume you've found it by now but all controls are explained on this game's page (you can open the tool selection screen with Space).

it dont load

What webbrowser are you trying to run it in? It should work in Chrome, Firefox or Edge.


This game is really fun! and the level editor is really easy to use! amazing job!


Thank you so much for playing and for the kind feedback! Really appreciate it ^_^


Love your games Sieg!!

Thank you so much! :D


how to jump?

I'm sure you already found it but all controls are explained on this page :)


This was pretty smooth and has potential to really become something much more. Keep it up!

Thank you very much! I probably won't be adding anything new to the game apart from some bug fixes and making it playable on mobile.


i love the graphics


Thank you very much!


Aaaa cute cat!! The levels were super fun to play and the visuals are so pleasing, smooth, n cutee!!! Awesome game ( ' u' )b

Thank you very much, happy you enjoyed it! :D


From one cat game maker to another, very good my man!

I would suggest to let to movement flow a little better, it was really hard to control the cat on tight places and on more precise jumps!


Thanks a lot!

Curious to hear what I could change to make it "flow better" in your opinion :)


This game was SO beautiful. Really enjoyed running around feeling like a mafia agent. But as a cat of course. Will definitely play this again. Thank you Siegfried Croes!

Thanks a lot for playing, so happy you liked it! Sure hope you'll try and finish the level ;) The second one is a lot easier (just collect all the coins) but the third one is brutal!


Love this game! The game play is simple and fun, and the level maker is even better!

My favorite level is probably level 1 :)


Thanks a lot for playing! Glad you liked it :)

Ah yes, the non-linear one :D It was the first level I made, quite happy with how it turned out :)


Where did you learn to make your own game engine? I am looking to make one but I am having trouble finding where to start


I didn't really learn it anywhere specifically, I've just been programming for over 10 years and then it's not that hard especially in HTML/JS as it's super easy to get something up and going compared to doing it in a programming language that needs compiling (C++/C#). Feel free to join my Discord for more specific questions where other people might be able to help you too :)


ok thankyou, I just found a series that is helping, its called Cherno, It is in C++ but its not bad, Thankyou anyways:

(1 edit)

I wish you lots of success with it :)



Thanks again for playing :)

(3 edits) (+1)

is it possible to post levels or anything? like, in a mario maker-esque way? even if not, it's still a great game.

(1 edit) (+1)

There's no way to upload them online from within the game but you can always export them on the screen after selecting it in the "edit existing list" and sharing the file on my Discord server :)

Thanks a lot btw!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you very much for the nice comment :)


Cool game! The style is very pleasing. Will there be more levels?

Thanks! I'll try and make some more, maybe on stream :) Hopefully some other people will make levels too!


That was really cute!

Thanks a lot!


Very Fun and Surprisingly Challenging!

Thanks for playing!


Really cute stuff! Super enjoyable :)

Thank you very much for playing and the nice feedback :D


incredible work!!!

Thank you very much!